As a CEO or executive leader, how do you balance your functional tasks with your responsibility to help your organisation to survive and thrive in the longer term? Business disruptors are now so challenging, and so complex, that most executive leaders can no longer have day-to-day execution as their primary focus. This podcast is for any CEO, Chief People Officer, or executive team member, to help you step with confidence into your enterprise responsibilities.

Waldencroft Podcast

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What’s required from Executive Leaders has changed. Find out how executive leaders and executive teams can survive and thrive in our disrupted world. Interviews with CEOs and insights from Waldencroft’s Dr Jacqueline Conway.

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By Jacqueline Conway…

Dr Jacqueline Conway works with CEOs and executive teams as they fully step into their collective enterprise-wide leadership, helping them transform their impact and effectiveness.

Jacqueline is Waldencroft’s Managing Director. Based in Edinburgh, she works globally with organisations facing disruption in the new world of work.

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