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Executive Teams operate in an environment of disruptive change and relentless complexity. Jacqueline helps them navigate this.

Jacqueline Conway has dedicated her professional life to working with Executive Teams to transform their impact and effectiveness.

She is the Founding Director of Waldencroft, which she set up in 2015 with a group of highly skilled associate consultants who share her passion and her vision.

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Described as an insightful and highly effective consultant, Jacqueline is valued for her ability to spot the structure and patterning of organisational issues and provide alternative perspectives to help Executive Teams create transformative solutions.

She helps her clients achieve performance breakthroughs particularly as they align their culture to their purpose and as they solve intractable problems. She is also highly adept at working with Executive Teams that are experiencing relational tension or low levels of trust.

Executive Coaching and Team Coaching

Jacqueline’s experience is underpinned by solid training, ongoing professional development and supervision. She trained as a Coach at the Tavistock Institute, is a certified Systemic Team Coach and has a PhD in top team functioning from the Adam Smith Business School. Her one-to-one coaching is concentrated into two areas: coaching for enhanced performance; and succession coaching.

In Coaching for Performance, Jacqueline helps her clients achieve performance breakthroughs by working with attention on their strategic task; their structure of interpretation; and their relational repertoire. Working in this enables her clients to make more purposeful and informed decisions about their actions.

In Succession Coaching, Jacqueline works with leaders-in-transition to CEO or other senior Executive positions. Coach and coachee work together in partnership, often with input from other organisational stakeholders, to navigate the transition.

  • Succession Coaching for a Director moving to an in-company CEO role of a premium German car producer to broaden their leadership vision and thinking.
  • Coaching the CEO of an infrastructure organisation become a more effective leader of their executive team during a period of rapid growth.
  • Team-coaching assignment in a global Financial Services organisation at Director level to improve team effectiveness whilst implementing a new customer-focussed strategy.
  • Coaching a senior executive as they made the transition to Chief Commercial Officer, including the creation and implementation of a year-long development plan.
  • Coaching a newly appointed Group CEO of a logistics organisation during the transition from single-company CEO to the Group CEO of a global enterprise.
  • Coaching a Professorial Head of Faculty in a prestigious university helping them make the shift towards a more strategic outlook appropriate for their position.
  • Coaching assignment with a Director in a professional services organisation to build resilience and self-confidence during a period of disruptive change.

Client sectors

  • Technology

  • Aviation

  • Logistics

  • Energy

  • Higher Education

  • Infrastructure

  • Oil & Gas

  • Manufacturing

  • Property

  • Shipping

  • Financial Services

  • Government

  • Automotive

Press and conference

Jacqueline chair’s and speaks at commercial and not-for-profit events and conferences on leading in complexity and executive effectiveness. Her aim is to make everyday problem solving in complex environments accessible for all leaders. She is often asked for comment in the media.


Perfectly Solving the Wrong Problems will be published in 2020. It is a non-technical exploration of the mindset and worldview required by leaders as they grapple with complex problems.

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Outside of work, Jacqueline describes herself as a veracious reader, fair-weather road cyclist and gardener of average ability. She has two teenage children.

This winter she’ll cycle with her husband between Bangkok and Saigon to raise money for Michelle Obama’s charity, Let Girls Learn.


Jacqueline writes a bi-weekly thought piece for CEOs and leaders on the related areas of leading in complexity, organisation culture and executive effectiveness. If you would like to receive these, sign up below. If you’d like to speak with Jacqueline about any of the above, please just get in touch…

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