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As we get ready to launch our CEO research, Advanced Executive Fluency: Responding to New Leadership Challenges in a Complex World, we’ve been exploring these fluencies on the podcast and we’ll continue to until we launch on 13th May.

The second of the 4 Fluencies – that is the ways of thinking, acting and being that executive leaders must become fluent in if they are to lead well in our disrupted world – is Futures Fluency.

But there are two habits of mind and leadership practice that stops us from fully embracing the future. Preventing us in developing our anticipatory skills and engaging in strategic foresight.

Being futures fluent isn’t just about being agile and responsive to a future that hasn’t yet emerged. It’s also about shaping that future – in whatever way we can – so we help to bring the world we want to see into being.

What are the barriers to becoming Futures Fluent? They are the Tyranny of Short-Termism and a Poverty of Imagination.

In today’s podcast, I outline both.

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What’s required from Executive Leaders has changed. Find out how executive leaders and executive teams can survive and thrive in our disrupted world. Interviews with CEOs and insights from Waldencroft’s Dr Jacqueline Conway.

By Jacqueline Conway…

Dr Jacqueline Conway works with CEOs and executive teams as they fully step into their collective enterprise-wide leadership, helping them transform their impact and effectiveness.

Jacqueline is Waldencroft’s Managing Director. Based in Edinburgh, she works globally with organisations facing disruption in the new world of work.