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Welcome to Season #2 of the Advanced Executive Leadership podcast.

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Welcome to a brand-new season of the Advanced Executive Leadership podcast.

This season, the format’s a little bit different.

We’ll have a blend of theory and practice by featuring both industry experts and executive leaders who’ve navigated the challenges of the C-suite… Ensuring that you, the listener, gain valuable insights grounded in both cutting-edge ideas and real-world experiences.

We have some amazing guests lined up, who all whom share Waldencroft’s vision to help executive leaders be a force for good in the world.

And that’s not all.

In between these insightful guest episodes, I’ll be diving solo into the headlines, breaking down current news stories that directly impact executive leadership.

These solo episodes are where we bridge the gap between the news cycle and the C-suite. I’ll unravel the layers of a breaking story, exploring its nuances and consequences for executive leaders.

I’ll be exploring the lessons can we draw from success stories and cautionary tales in the business world… and the implications for your.

In these solo episodes we’ll turn headlines into lessons, challenges into opportunities, and news into actionable strategies for your leadership journey.

Whether it’s the guest and solo episodes, I’ll be exploring the issues and the stories that matter.

Who is it for

Is this for you?…

Well,… Are you an executive leader in a complex business who wants to move beyond the day-to-day towards leadership that has an enterprise-wide impact that shapes the future landscape for your business and your industry?

Or perhaps you’re an HR or development specialist who has responsibility for supporting the growth and development of your executive team? You may have realised that developing the collective executive leadership in your C-suite will help to give your organisation a strategic advantage?

If the answer is yes to either of these, then you’re in the right place.

Get ready for in-depth conversations, expert interviews, and actionable strategies that will empower you to become an even more effective executive leader.

Whether you’re a seasoned CEO or a new executive, Advanced Executive Leadership is designed to provide insights that will elevate your leadership.

We go live on January 18th. So, mark your calendar.

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Get ready to lead with foresight and wisdom.

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What’s required from Executive Leaders has changed. Find out how executive leaders and executive teams can survive and thrive in our disrupted world. Interviews with CEOs and insights from Waldencroft’s Dr Jacqueline Conway.

By Jacqueline Conway…

Dr Jacqueline Conway works with CEOs and executive teams as they fully step into their collective enterprise-wide leadership, helping them transform their impact and effectiveness.

Jacqueline is Waldencroft’s Managing Director. Based in Edinburgh, she works globally with organisations facing disruption in the new world of work.